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What’s Einstein got to do with your Customer Journey?

Recently (at time of writing) there was a great fuss in the media about some boffins being able to prove that Gravitational Waves are indeed rolling around the Universe. As a consequence we will be able to observe the sky without having to rely on light as the primary source of data. Apparently this will have a major impact on our lives.

Gravitational Waves were first predicted by Einstein over 100 years ago. Like his other really important work (E=MC2 etc.), we have a rough idea that it is pretty awesome but we can’t see the importance of it right now in our daily lives … so we learn the name of it and then basically ignore it. Strange, because unlike the number “42”, it really is the answer to everything.

Your “Customer Journey” is almost exactly the same except that it is much easier to understand and you can adopt and use the theory to make a major difference to your working life. I can hear you now saying “yeah, of course I know the theory and I use it … sort of … well I buy ad space don’t I!” But sure as eggs is eggs, I bet you don’t use it to drive all of these:

  • What media you use (whether you buy it or not, you do use media)

  • How much to spend on media

  • What messaging you adopt and when

  • Identify market changes and create opportunities

  • Design your website to ensure it is a real business asset

  • Accurately predict the state of your business in 3, 6 and 12 months’ time

  • All in all make your life simpler and lower your stress levels significantly

Yes, if you have your Customer Persona, at least one Value Proposition and a basic understanding of the Customer Journey (see previous posts entitled My Imaginary Friends; Just like my ex wife …; Google, Wind Your Neck In !), you can now begin to do something really special but it will require some work.

Over the next 3 posts I am going to describe an exercise that when applied to your business, will do all of the 7 points above. This will be of real benefit to any business large or small, the principles of human behaviour apply to all.

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