Daydreaming the Journey

This is the first of 3 posts where we are going to build a Marketing Framework based on a Customer Journey. N.B. You might well have created up to 5 customer personas at this stage and hopefully a Value Proposition for each but we do one framework per persona. Step 1 Sit down with a cup of coffee and a blank piece of paper At the top of the page right down the name of the persona you are going to use and beside it, the relevant Value Proposition. Step 2 Imagine that person in your mind’s eye and then think of when they are going to realise that they are going to need your product e.g. if you are selling car exhausts, it might be when they start the car engine or if you are selling bagless va

What’s Einstein got to do with your Customer Journey?

Recently (at time of writing) there was a great fuss in the media about some boffins being able to prove that Gravitational Waves are indeed rolling around the Universe. As a consequence we will be able to observe the sky without having to rely on light as the primary source of data. Apparently this will have a major impact on our lives. Gravitational Waves were first predicted by Einstein over 100 years ago. Like his other really important work (E=MC2 etc.), we have a rough idea that it is pretty awesome but we can’t see the importance of it right now in our daily lives … so we learn the name of it and then basically ignore it. Strange, because unlike the number “42”, it really is the

Google! ... Wind your neck in. You didn't invent Human Nature ... useful ZMoT video though!

I am a massive fan of Google and much to the surprise of others in my general profession, I am ‘Android’ all the way. As a business they are astonishing but more about the really good bits in a later post. Sometimes, however, they seem to think they invented everything when in reality they just ‘discovered’ something that the rest of us, who were born before 1975, already knew. Being Google they can give it a name and sit back admiring their Cheshire Cat in the mirror. My example here is the Zero Moment of Truth Theory (aka ZMoT). If you haven’t come across this before and you are trying to market anything, you really should take less than 2 minutes to watch this video from the big G bec

“Just like my ex-wife … my audience doesn’t understand me!”

Let’s keep this one really short! When you are marketing your service or product it is rarely (hopefully) to your friends and family. Therefore, if there is nothing in it for the individual in an audience, they really are not going to respond to you, your expensive ad or your Facebook post. i.e. they need to understand, very quickly, the value that you are proposing or offering to them … your Value Proposition. It seems a simple concept but it is often botched and fudged by the less experienced marketer. However, if you have a Customer Persona (see my previous post entitled 'My Imaginary Friends'), with that person in mind, ask yourself four simple questions on a piece of paper: What do I

My Imaginary Friends

This post is written for Mike, Jenny and Pete. No, they are not my kids, dearly departed friends or even close family but they are very important to me and I know them intimately. There is a little bit of you in one, two or all three of them. Mike, Jenny and Pete are the stars in my Customer Persona outlines and they don’t actually exist in the real world at all. It is essential when we are intending to spend time, energy or hard cash on marketing that we do it effectively. No matter what media we use to talk to our customers, it needs to be remembered that we are trying to communicate with humans … yes even in a B2B context. Customer Personas are one of the most useful bits of work you

Welcome !

For years now I have been strategising other people's digital marketing and it was only when I saw the availability of this domain name, it occurred to me that I should slightly formalise my own presence on the web … so here is the beginnings of it! To keep it simple, the style is pretty 'old school' as is the navigation. The services that I offer can be pretty comprehensive but the site is not designed to give all the details of the 'how', just a flavour of the outcomes. The primary aim is really to satisfy the ZMOT phase (research) of my own customers' journey. There is a secondary objective and that is to enable other assets to help the 'Stimulate / Awareness' phases of the same custom

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