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Google! ... Wind your neck in. You didn't invent Human Nature ... useful ZMoT video though!

I am a massive fan of Google and much to the surprise of others in my general profession, I am ‘Android’ all the way. As a business they are astonishing but more about the really good bits in a later post. Sometimes, however, they seem to think they invented everything when in reality they just ‘discovered’ something that the rest of us, who were born before 1975, already knew. Being Google they can give it a name and sit back admiring their Cheshire Cat in the mirror.

My example here is the Zero Moment of Truth Theory (aka ZMoT). If you haven’t come across this before and you are trying to market anything, you really should take less than 2 minutes to watch this video from the big G because it will help you organise your understanding of what your customers are going through. Over the next 3 or 4 posts I will show you how we can take this basic human behaviour and organise our business comms around it … everything … including our messaging, media, context , costing and sales forecasting.

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