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For years now I have been strategising other people's digital marketing and it was only when I saw the availability of this domain name, it occurred to me that I should slightly formalise my own presence on the web … so here is the beginnings of it!

To keep it simple, the style is pretty 'old school' as is the navigation. The services that I offer can be pretty comprehensive but the site is not designed to give all the details of the 'how', just a flavour of the outcomes. The primary aim is really to satisfy the ZMOT phase (research) of my own customers' journey. There is a secondary objective and that is to enable other assets to help the 'Stimulate / Awareness' phases of the same customer journeys. This might not mean anything to the casual reader but every client of mine and those who have attended my courses will know exactly what I am talking about. That said, I will cover these off in future posts.

I hope the posts to follow over the future months are a useful source of bite size knowledge and good general interest over a morning coffee. In the mean time, here is a little video (2 mins) that I made in 2015 for Squared Online that describes me, my history and my attitude towards 'digital'.

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