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 “Guy and I first worked together while merging our two businesses - always a difficult process. He is an insightful, dynamic and conscientious operator and I still seek his counsel today, nearly ten years later!”

Tom Henderson (founder at Gym TV, Manchester)


“Guy is a great ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to delivering both the strategic and tactical requirements of a major brand in the fmcg world.”

Toby Moore (Founding Partner Mesh Marketing, London)


 “Very competent marketing strategist … highly recommended!”

John Reid (Founder and CEO RepKnight Ltd, London and Belfast)


“My ‘go to Guy’ when it comes to anything concerned with marketing or competitive business intelligence on a national or global scale.  He’s delivered on everything from retail distribution sheds in China to sustainable carpet manufacturing in the UK and North America.”

Peter Sharratt (former Director of Sustainability + Carbon Services at Deloitte LLP, London)


 “… has the complete toolset for planning, creating and delivering a high growth businesses with special expertise in sales and marketing.”

Stephen Lusty (CEO KLAS Analytics)


 “Guy was very instrumental in originally identifying and advising on what became our most successful product over the last three years.  He really knows exactly what he is doing!”

Boyd Carson (Managing Partner at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP)


 “Guy has the knack of simplifying complex business problems, dealing with them and moving an entire business to the next stage.”

Ruan O’Tiarnaigh (former Ops Director at Gym Screen Media, Manchester and Belfast)


 “A real source of confidence in those early ‘pre-revenue’ days of my start up.”

Karen Boyd (founder Pizzado Ltd, Belfast)


 “Font of business knowledge and a massive help so far!”

Erin Bennett (Founder AIRATE Ltd at NISP Connect, Belfast)



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