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You Are Not Alone !

Of all Small Business Owners …


are not sure that they are marketing effectively


will spend as much or more on marketing year on year

‘Marketing’ is not a black art.  Yes, it can be complicated sometimes ... but so is the rest of your business and you have a real understanding of how that works … right?

Marketing is simply about communicating with people but on a larger scale.  Being a human yourself, I promise that you have all the capability you need to understand how to make it work for you.  What you and the rest of the 51% are missing is the knowledge of how to put a structure together that shows you exactly:

  • what media you should be using

  • what messaging works in each of those mediums

  • what campaigns and tactics are working for you right now (and what isn’t)

  • what future sales you can expect, when and why

  • what you can expect from your marketing agencies and how you can get them to deliver it

Grow Your Own

Marketing Strategy Course

What Is It?

In a compact and quite intensive course over four weeks, Guy Bucknall will walk you through the steps to build a strong marketing strategy that exactly suits your business and can be implemented in your own time and without buying big bits of complicated software.

On completing the course you will have a comprehensive marketing plan including detailed sales and cashflow forecasts and the right KPIs to give you early warning of when things are not going well in the real world.


It requires about four to six hours per week from the attendees.  This is made up of a weekly, live training session on Zoom of about 60 minutes on Monday afternoon at 2pm.  The students then have about 2 hours of ‘homework tasks’ which will be directly relevant to their own business and then a further ‘office hours’ for the entire cohort on Friday at 2pm.

Each course member can also book up to two 1-2-1 Zoom sessions with Guy per week, so if you are having any difficulty you can always get the help you need.

Collaborative Learning

The course material is contained in the platform and is delivered in simple 'bite size' lessons.  Each lesson has an explainer video and all the download and swipe files that you need.  This course is based on mutual collaboration amongst the students and so all the course members post their homeworks in the course activity feed.  The course host comments on all the work individually but in public, so everyone gets to learn from each other!

Is This For Me?

If you are asking yourself “should we be doing ads in Facebook / LinkedIn / Radio etc.?” or just “Why are we not converting enough sales?”, then this course is probably for you.

When Does It Start?

The next cohort starts on Monday 22nd November 2021, finishing on Thursday 16th December 2021.

How To Enroll

This course is not for everybody but places are restricted to a maximum of 15 students per cohort and so it is always over subscribed.  Consequently Guy Bucknall himself does a 'Discovery Call' with every applicant prior to inviting them in.

This call will take about 30 minutes, is absolutely free of charge and if you are a 'good fit' he will NOT ask for any payment of a deposit etc. to be made there and then.

If you would like to book a Discovery Call please click the green button.

To sort out my marketing plan
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