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You Are Not Alone !

Of all Small Business Owners …


are not sure that they are marketing effectively


will spend as much or more on marketing year on year

‘Marketing’ is not a black art.  Yes, it can be complicated sometimes ... but so is the rest of your business and you have a real understanding of how that works … right?

Marketing is simply about communicating with people but on a larger scale.  Being a human yourself, I promise that you have all the capability you need to understand how to make it work for you.  What you and the rest of the 51% are missing is the knowledge of how to put a structure together that shows you exactly:

  • what media you should be using

  • what messaging works in each of those mediums

  • what campaigns and tactics are working for you right now (and what isn’t)

  • what future sales you can expect, when and why

  • what you can expect from your marketing agencies and how you can get them to deliver it

I am hosting a FREE and LIVE webinar that will show you the basics of how to put that structure together.  It's titled SUPER SIMPLE STRATEGY for a reason and will only take about 40 minutes of your time but it will transform your understanding of how to organise the marketing of your business. 

That’s a big claim but if it doesn’t, feel free to shoot me an email or comment in Facebook all you like.

Let’s be honest about this, at the end of it I am also going to suggest that you buy the full course but that is entirely up to you.  The webinar alone will be a huge benefit!

The next three Live Webinars are:

Tuesday 6th June

at 10 am (BST)

Tuesday 6th June

at 2 pm (BST)

Tuesday 6th June

at 4 pm (BST)

If you are unable to attend at any of the above times, simply register for one of them and I will ensure that you receive a copy of the live recording very soon.

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