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CEO Club

Recharge Your Thinking

Monthly meetings with non-competitive business peers PLUS one-to-one executive coaching & mentoring sessions.


When you own or run a business, even the simplest decisions can have profound implications and often the role of CEO becomes a very solitary place.

Every CEO has a challenge in their business and often they can’t see the immediate answer.  Usually there isn’t one but only a range of potential routes to change the situation.  Which one to choose or how to even start the decision making process applies more and more pressure on you, the boss!

CEO Club is a simple proposition. 

10 CEOs in a room willing to talk candidly both about their own business issues and offer advice to others. 

This is not a new take on ‘Group Therapy’, leave your Moses Sandals on the beach!  But fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions and bring to bear every resource they have to help you grow as a leader and improve the workings of your business.

However, the meeting will kick off in a slightly more traditional way with an expert speaker giving us a top line 20-30 minutes on their area of expertise and then be open to 30-40 minutes of Q&A.  We will avoid the usual subjects (“Social Media and how it will change everything that has ever occurred ... ever!” or “GDPR, what you need to know before it kills your children!”) and look at the less obvious but very useful general knowledge topics that might help you sleep better.

"The aim is that every member expands their view beyond their company walls in a way that traditional executive leadership training just can’t offer."

The Members

All invitees are CEOs of SME businesses aiming for high growth but their industry, age and experience differ enormously.  There are ‘First Timers’ in tech and ‘Old Hands’ who are on their 3rd or 4th business each in a different segment.

Watching a Presentation

The Rules

The Rules

  1. What is said in the room stays in the room! (All members will be asked to sign a basic NDA before attending).

  2. No Investor / Shareholders – if you or your company has an equity interest in another member’s company you will be asked to attend a different CEO Club meeting.

  3. No selling!  There are other networks where sales based networking is appropriate but CEO Club is not one of them.  N.B. There is time set aside for a Sandwich Lunch if you feel a 1-2-1 with another member is appropriate or useful.

  4. Respect the Chair.  The appointed Chairman on the day is there to ensure that all members get maximum benefit from the session.

  5. Don’t be shy, there is no such thing as a stupid question and you will be surprised how many in the room have had or do have a very similar issue.

The Format- one half day per month

8.30 – 9 am                         Coffee and croissants, meet and mingle

9am – 10am                        Expert Speaker and Q&A

More Coffee and buns

10.30 – 12.30                      Chaired Discussion on member’s business topic(s)

12.30 – 1.30                        Sandwich Lunch (further discussion if required)

Business Group
Business Brainstorm

1-2-1 Follow Up

Every seat at a monthly meeting comes with an individual 1-2-1 follow up session of up to 2 hours with Guy Bucknall, one of NI’s leading business mentors (

CEO Club is an opportunity to recharge your thinking, learn from fellow CEOs, count on trusted & confidential advice and seize opportunities for immediate results.

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