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Marketing Strategy Made Easy

A Step by Step programme that will seriously simplify your working life and grow your business properly.


If you would like to attend this course, then please either call us on the number below or use the email contact form below.

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"You kept it really simple ..."

Jane C (Director African Charity)


"I only wish we had done this months before.  We couldn't work out where we were going wrong until we had put your process into action"

Tom H (IT Development Agency)


You will learn and practice how professional marketing teams:

  • derive a marketing strategy

  • build the framework of a marketing plan

  • cost the plan

  • determine the basic relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Grow the business quickly but in a very manageable way



When you have completed the programme, you will:

  • have a sound knowledge of what channels and tactics are suitable for your business (i.e. should you be using Social Media and if so, why? Is email, or even direct mail, really out of date?  Will a price promotion work for you? etc.). 

  • have created your own bespoke marketing plan that will deliver some 'quick wins' and a medium/long term plan for sustainable and manageable growth.



A series of 7 workshops conducted one evening per week with a maximum of 5 businesses in the room (max. 3 attendees per company) at a time.  The content is a mixture of formal teaching mixed with lots of small practical exercises.  You will need to do 1 - 2  hours of prep work before each session.


This is followed up with a further two hours per week of exclusive 1 to 1 support with Guy Bucknall in your offices.  In this session, we will fill in the details of the plan you have developed and cover off any questions or problems that are specific to your business or have arisen since the seminar day.



Designed specifically for people who run Small to Medium Enterprises but don't necessarily come from a Marketing background.



The first workshop will be held on Monday 4th April 2019 with the last one on Monday 15th April.


The Mount Conference Centre, 2 Woodstock Link, Belfast.

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